Friday, April 8, 2011

Government budget crisis

As the hours tick by and still no national budget agreement, many issues have me in a tissy.  I am going to let you all know my opinion of it.
1.  Suspending military pay:  That is the biggest mistake.  Our service members give up so much and ask for little in return.  They know when they sign up that their lives might be put in harms way or that they might have to take a life.  They can't just go get a temp job while their paychecks are being withheld.  Bills still need to be payed, including rent.  Groceries still need to be purchased.  How are they supposed to do that without a paycheck?
2.  The Republican GOP passed a bill that would keep the government open another week, giving more time to work out further budget details.  Also it would fund the military for the year, ensuring their much needed paychecks.  It would redirect funds for Planned Parenthood to public health.  Democrats say that the Republicans are trying to take away from women's health care.  Isn't the idea to stop government payed abortions though?  Planned Parenthood doesn't provide women with health care.  It provides abortions and birth control.  I am all for birth control, but not for the slaughter of an baby not yet born.  Why is a baby with a brain and a heart and an awareness of their surroundings not considered a human being until they are born?  And why does Planned Parenthood still tell women that their unborn baby won't feel a thing as their limbs are torn from their body, as their head is ripped off?  President Obama vowed to veto this bill.
3.  While so many hard working Americans in government are put on furlough or just not payed, the president and Senate will still get payed their 6 digit salaries.  What about leading from the front?  What about the idea of not putting upon your people what you yourself are not willing to do?  If a leadership is prepared to stop citizens and military from receiving a paycheck and expect them to just deal with it, shouldn't the leadership be willing to turn down their own pay?
4.  Why, after screwing things up last year in the Gulf is BP getting payed to drill again?  In Brazil?  How does this make sense?  Why is the government paying for such a thing?
5.  Aside from budget issues, what is the deal with our President bowing to the Emperor of Japan, China's communist President, and the Prince of Saudi?  The President of the United States of America should bow to NO ONE.  Is he trying to just hand over OUR Nation to the world?  Should we just sit by and let it happen?
6.  Finally, Obamacare.  Pass a law saying that I must have medical insurance and then don't provide insurance to me that I can afford?  How does that work out?  Am I just supposed to pull the money out of my ass to pay for this mandatory insurance?  Someone please help me figure this out, because I must be missing something.

I pray for this Nation, that it may stand tall and proud and bow down to no one but GOD.  I pray for our leaders, that they will seek and find God's wisdom.  I pray that the many will not perish and suffer for the ways of the few.  I pray for our Military, that they stand strong and are taken care of by the Country they serve.  PRESIDENT OBAMA, I PRAY FOR YOU.  Never forget who YOU work for.  You work for US.   You work for AMERICA!  The same goes for Senate.

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