Wednesday, May 19, 2010

lost, found, late and rescheduled.

This morning I had a WIC appointment scheduled for 9am out in town.  I finally have custody of  the van today to do this and a couple other things.  Getting close to 9, so I load the boys into the van and make sure I have my id, wic folder, cell phone, bill or some proof of address, and LES (paycheck stub).  Wait, where is the LES that I had in the van since last week?  It's missing and dh doesn't know his log in information, and doesn't remember where he wrote it down.
Cancel WIC, reschedule for next week.  Ok, let's go geocaching with the two little ones.  This will be fun.  Stop one, find.  Two and three, no luck.  Four was a fun find at the California Welcome Center.  Five and six were a bust, and Seven was an adventurous find.  Fuel up the tank and now I headed to the back gate to base to deliver a wallet to my husband.  Thought he was at the base theater for his TAMP class,  so after sitting in the parking lot with two sleeping boys, pulling them both out of the van to go into the theater, I find out the class has been relocated to a point down the street.
I drop of the wallet, nearly throwing it out the window to him as I rush to pick up number one son who has now beat me home.  There was a volunteer Tea at the school scheduled from 1-2pm.  Went to that, then had a hard time finding the two older boys on the playground, because now I have to rush over to Naval Hospital for a Dr. appointment at 2:20pm.  Guess who was ten minutes late?  That's right, you guessed correctly.  I was late.  Wasn't sure if they were going to see me.
Picked up husband, came home.  My head hurts, my kids are tired beyond belief and I have no idea what to do about dinner.  On the up side, I got a cool little certificate for helping out at my son's school.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

flowers flowers everywhere

Did I mention I have started gardening?  I love it. I find it very therapeutic.  Now if I could just get the hydrangeas to thrive.  I feel like if I can conquer hydrangeas, than maybe I will be ready to be a mother to a daughter.  Does that seem strange?  I know, where did that come from?  Let's face it, I want a daughter.  I always have.  I love all three of my sons, and yet still feel like there is something missing.  Like there is a life connection missing.  Let's see if I can manage to post a couple of pictures of what is growing.

Head Colds and the Zoo

Yesterday my friend, a Corpsmen in the Navy, invited us (myself, Everette and boys) to go with her to the San Diego Zoo.  There was this idea that Active Duty military plus their family members would get free admission to the Zoo.  We get to the ticket booth, Everette mentions military and waves his hand over the kids and myself, and the gentleman says just show ID at the entry gate.  We are so excited as we approach the turnstiles, until the attendant there tells us that Everette gets in free but the children and I must go purchase tickets.  Fine.  Now, we have already spent several minutes in the line, only to not be admitted to the zoo.  At guest relations I plead my case only to be told that the tickets for myself and two of the boys will cost me $82.  My heart sinks with disappointment as I think about the cost as well as the amount of time it took to find a parking space in the back-end of the lot.  This is the second time that i have come and not been able to go in.
My friend, so giving without hesitation, offers to split the cost.  I can handle $40.  We get in and realize that we only have a couple of hours before the exhibits close, when I turn to find the two boys viewing a large map of the Zoo, planning our adventure.  Already, they have a plan while we adults are still trying to figure out where we are on the map in our hands.  We go with the plan of a 4 year old and 8 year old.  What fun, as we sea lions, parrots, lizards and snakes.  A turtle flipped over on its back that struggles to flip over, and accomplishes that as we all watch on.
We had a wonderful time, and I enjoyed taking pictures with my new camera.  Towards the end however, I begin to feel the makings of a cold coming on.  This morning I feel it full bore.  From the neck up, I feel miserable.  I know where this has come from: my 22 month old son, who has had a very leaky nose the past few days.  I feel so bad for him, that he has felt so miserable and no one really knew just how he felt.