Monday, October 28, 2013

No way to look but up

This month Everette has not worked quite as much, resulting in smaller and smaller pay checks.  The van will not start. We think it is either the battery, which is little more than two years old, or the starter. Either way, it's money we do not currently have to fix it.  Elisha is in need of a coat. A friend suggested I inquire at the local Senior Center, because they were giving out coats. I did go over there this morning and was told that yes they have coats, but they were all bagged up and she couldn't help me. Seriously? A child is without a coat this winter and you can't manage going through a bag to see if there is one that you can give him? WTF? It sickens me to know that a place supposed to be donating coats has the coats but can't manage to take one out of a bag. I wish I wasn't having to lower myself to such means. I want to be able to meet my children's needs without asking for help.  You know, Christmas is coming and I am not sure if I will be able to do anything for my kids or anyone else. At this point I am feeling that there is nearly no place to look but up. Praying that God will meet our needs once again. Also, I am applying for a job at Brookshire's.
Ok, let's add room mom to my 3rd grader's class and I haven't gotten anything done for their halloween party.

Later that day....
My Dad came and took care of the battery on the van, so it runs again! Woohoo!!!  My neice is bringing over an insulated coat for Elisha. Everette got a 4 room installation job today, which is well over a $100 job. I got the list of people to help for the classroom party and have pretty much all the food and beverages for Tristan's class party covered. In a matter of hours, everything has fallen into place.  Thank you God for being so awesome!!!

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Food Allergies

I have three sons, ages 5-11 years old.  They are all three very healthy, smart and happy.  Each one also has his own food allergy, as do I.  I am allergic to many raw fruits and vegetables. They make my mouth and sinuses itch, my lips swell and sometimes my throat closes a little.  #1 son has a strange allergy to certain preservatives, like hexametaphosphate. When it comes in contact with his skin, wherever the problem food has touched, turns read and welts up. #2 has a soy allergy. This one is a problem, not in his reaction (it affects his BMs), but in trying to avoid the allergen. Soy is in nearly every prepackaged food available. It also comes under different names. The tricky part is knowing which names and also knowing that for my son, soybean oil and soy lecithin are not a problem. Soy protein, soy flour, mono and diglycerides, and msg (mono sodium glutemate) are. Also, "natural flavoring" can indicate soy. Now I am not that great at making bread, and we are big on the bread consumption. Yet most companies use some sort of the "bad" soy in their recipes. I spend more time searching labels on the bread isle when I shop than any other part of the store. It's the same with canned soups and pastas, like Campbell's and Chef Boyardee. It's not enough for me to check the labels one time and then always buy that product. I did that for a while but then found that the bread I had been buying, Orowheat, suddenly started using soy flour in most of their loaves. I can buy Peppridge Farms bread and Costco bread, but that means a trip to Wal-mart for the one and Costco for the other. Neither are nearby.  Oh, and did you know that certain anesthetics may contain soy? This is how we discovered #2 had a soy allergy.  He came out of an outpatient surgery, as red as a tomato when he was 1 yr.
My youngest son, #3 has a peanut and orange allergy. Turns out the hives and constant sinus issues, dark circles, etc. were caused by peanuts and oranges. None of the boys has a severe allergy, thankfully. But it's enough that they each have to be aware of what they eat. #3 has taken the dietary change quite well. He can have other nuts with no problem, and has since discovered that he loves cashew butter. Unfortunately that is an expensive nut butter, at $7 for a 12oz jar. While he was in preschool, he had become very responsible about his allergy. At age 4, he would scold the cafeteria ladies if they mistakenly put oranges on his plate. He's 5 now and about to go into Kindergarten. I will have to be more diligent now as parents bring in snacks for the kids at class parties. 
I have learned how to make my own pop-tarts, using pie crust and jam. Next I want to try making my own granola bars, peanut free. Eventually I will learn how to make a proper loaf of bread. For now, I will just have to get a Costco card and make the 90 minute drive twice a month to buy bread. Lots of bread.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Today I am an emotional and probably hormonal train wreck. I am trying to chalk most of this up to PMS. That being said, here is my problem; One month ago, my youngest son Eli turned 5 years old. Since then he has seemed to get bigger, both taller and heavier. Even his back seems bigger. Like, I pat his back and my hand doesn't cover as much of it as before. Yes, I know children grow and many do a lot of growing during the summer, or so it seems.  But it isn't just his physical size. It is his personality as well. The concepts in his mind, the way he sees life.  And he doesn't want Mommy as much. Granted he isn't ready to stay the night at Grandma's house yet, but I think that was more because his brothers weren't going to be there with him. Today I sent him to go take a nap and of course he fought me on it. Once I got him in his bed though, he didn't ask me to stay with him or for me to read him a story. He asked for his Dad.  I am very happy for my husband, but very heartbroken for myself.  I miss my baby. But my baby is growing up. They all are. Knowing he's the last makes it so much harder.  I'm not ready for this period of my life to be over with.  I want to hold on just a little while longer, but feel life prying my fingers loose.  They need to make support groups for Moms like us. Gone are the days of MOPS.  Now what? I know I will be neck deep in their lives as they are now. Probably feel like I am drowning in Scouting.  I know I will be busy. But I won't be Mommy to a little baby or toddler anymore. Now I am a mother to three boys who are rapidly on their way to becoming men. Will I ever be ready for THAT?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Zimmerman trial

This past month I have been loosely following the Zimmerman/Martin case. What initially grabbed my interest was the last name, Zimmerman. Those who know me know why. As the case went on I sort of payed attention and in the back of my mind I was pulling for Zimmerman. Couldn't quite explain it but I was. Maybe it was just the name, but I felt there was more to this feeling that Zimmerman was innocent of murder. That he had truly been defending his own life. Today I read an article and watched a video that solidified my gut feeling.

Friday, June 28, 2013

marriage, babies, and tough choices

This week I posted on Facebook my heartbroken thoughts regarding California's Prop 8 and Texas' filibuster Tuesday night that stopped the voting of a law that would restrict abortions after 20 weeks gestation. Inevitable I received quite a bit of backlash for it. I believe marriage should remain between a man and a woman only. To do otherwise goes against scripture and biology. I believe that abortion is murder, plain and simple, and is never right when the baby is alive. I don't think many people understand what is done to these little ones. It is horrific.
It was suggested that I don't know how I would react if I was told that there was a problem with the baby inside me and that I should abort. The truth is, I do know because I was faced with that possibility once. You see, I am a carrier for, I believe it's cystic fibrosis. When the test came back on that we then had to have Everette tested. If both of us were carriers there was a great chance that our unborn baby would have it. The doctor said that if that was the case, we would have to make a choice. We didn't hesitate. Everette and I both said abortion wasn't an option. We would have him tested to be informed and prepared if necessary. His test came back negative in the end and I am thankful. During that waiting time though, we had plenty of time to think about it and we knew in our hearts that abortion would never be an option for us. I know my God. I trust Him to do what's right.
I don't know why it never occurred to me to join a Pro Life group before. I will though.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

It seems more and more that it is a crime to be a Christian. But we are supposed to bend over backwards for Muslims, lest we offend them. I don't see our government intervening when a Christian is offended, but they are sure quick to act if a Muslim is. More talk about sharia law being allowed. With one president we are losing our right to be Christian, our right to own guns, our right to say anything that does not support Islam. At this rate, in a few years we might be executed for not being Muslim, women and children might be legally murdered by their husbands and fathers for any sort of upset. Is this really how We the People of the United States want our nation to go?
How has it become legal to abort babies even in the third trimester, when they would have lived if born. Why is it a 15 year old girl can have access to the morning after pill without consent or knowledge from her parents? Why aren't teens being taught abstinence? What happened to learning morals? Our military is no longer allowed to be openly Christian, but they can be openly gay. Do the same rules apply to Muslims in the military or just Christians and Jews? I was appalled when I read the article where one person stated that a Christian sharing his/her faith is like spiritual rape. Excuse me? How can a conversation you can walk away from anywhere near the same as rape? That comparison is an insult to rape victims, in my opinion, and an insult to Christians. 
Should I now go and sue the military, schools and any company or organization that has put a sensor on Christians for infringing MY rights? This is my country too, and I am NOT giving up my rights!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Dead dryers and calendar mistakes

Two days ago I went to use my dryer, which was working fine the night before, only to find that it would not start.  Tried everything I could think of, and no dice.  It just would not start.  So I went online to and found that most of the dryers listed were 2 hours away in Shreveport, LA.  Fine. I found one that looked promising and the guy would even deliver, so I went ahead with it.  After many text messages back and forth, he showed up yesterday afternoon with a functioning dryer and took my dead one with him. Not a bad price either at $245.  Now I can get caught up on laundry, yay.  
Now regarding Scouting; Today as I was asking one of my den leaders if their den was going to make it to the upcoming Pack meeting, which I said was scheduled to take place during spring break.  Why during spring break, they asked?  "I don't know" I said.  Then I got the idea to quadruple check my calendar, only to find out that there is no pack meeting scheduled during spring break.  It is scheduled for the week after.  Wow, I have been contacting people and telling everyone that it was next week, when in fact it is the following week. I totally screwed that one up.  I think I need to big desk calendar.    Does that tell you how scatter brained I can be?  I hope my Pack can forgive me my error.
On other fronts, I sent my oldest boy on his first out of state weekend hike with his Troop.  Let's hope the weather holds for them. Maybe we can get this bad weather curse to lift.  Also, I recently got myself a metal detector, as I have always wanted one.  Today I was in my yard exploring and found a 1930s WM Rogers Mfg Co child's silver plated Mickey Mouse spoon. It has some damage from exposure to it, but it is still a cool find.  In good condition they seem to go for anywhere from $16-40. Also found a penny, LOL.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

National debt

A copy of an email I just sent Texas Representative, Jeb Hensarling;

Regarding the Sequester and national budget, I have two comments/questions. First, Rudy Giuliani mentioned last night that what the Sequester is supposed to do is cut additional spending, but what the President is saying is that it will cut into current spending like education and military. How is that right? Second, instead of cutting into things like education, military, medicare, etc. why don't we cut foreign aid? Why do we continue to give so much to other countries, especially ones that have respect for us, and yet continue to take away from our own nation? Why is it more and more taboo to be openly patriotic? Why must we have gay pride and Mexican pride and Muslim pride but no American pride? How much and for how long are we going to allow China to own us? Is there any hope for our country? Ok, I realize that was way more than two.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I am from California. Gender equality is a common concept there.  I knew things would be different when I moved to Texas, but I was not prepared for how truly different it is. Last night I had my eyes opened to the reality of the male/female roles here. I am a mom to three boys, and for the first time I wished this morning that I had at least one girl. (ok, that's not entirely accurate. I have always wanted a daughter.) Today, I wished that at least one of my sons was a daughter.  It was only for a moment, but that moment lasted long enough to almost knock me down.
Because I have three sons, I find myself immersed in a man's world.  We have done soccer.  dinosaurs, Legos, Star Wars, etc. Mostly, we have been participating in Scouts. We are on our sixth year of scouting.  Ian is a boy scout, Tristan is a cub scout. I have been a scout parent, a den leader, and now assistant Cubmaster  This is the second pack we have been with. The first was in California at Camp Pendleton. Great group of leaders. Really had it together there.  Now here we are in Texas, and I am finding out just how much of a man's world this is.  In our pack, currently half of our leaders are women and half are men.  I do believe that Boy Scouts should be guided mostly by men, as it is boys they serve.  However, I am a mom who has only sons.  My husband works long hours and is not able to serve as a scout leader in any way.  (Also, it's just not his thing.) A spot needed to be filled, and I filled it. So I do what I have to do for my sons.
In the past week I have been talked down to, corrected, interrupted, chastised, brushed off and very nearly patted on the head and told 'not to worry my pretty little head about such matters. Let us deal with that.'  All this by the male leadership in our pack. I work my butt off for this Pack, am placated in my efforts and then thrown under the bus. If this is the attitude out here then find someone else to fill my shoes. Find someone else to do all of the things that myself and the other Moms in this pack have done and are doing. I am not a scout leader because I love the outdoors or enjoy spending much of time in a testosterone laden environment.  I do it because I have sons, I do it for them, and if I don't who will?

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Keep BSA faith-based

This week in the news there is much talk about the BSA's decision to revisit their own stance regarding a ban on homosexuals within the organization. For the sake of funding and wanting to fit in, the Boy Scouts of America is considering lifting this ban. I am going to come right and say it.  I am against this decision. I believe the ban should remain intact. I do not think that we should have to increase the exposure our sons experience of homosexuality in their every day life.  It isn't scriptural, which BSA is faith-based. It isn't natural. It isn't right. You know, our children get this pushed on them all the time. We joined BSA because of its moral grounding.
How dare others who don't believe as we do, come in and try to force us to change our belief system. If you want to be included in scouting, then accept our choice or go start your own organization.  Do not try to change what scouting has been about for 100 years! It is not archaic. We are trying to teach our sons what is right. Not confuse them. BSA, PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THE POLICY!!!  
I have every right to NOT accept homosexuality.  And I am not a bad person for that choice.  If BSA is made to change this policy, then you may as well strip every core value as well. For me, it's all or nothing. I am standing up for what I believe here. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Birthday blah

I have determined that being home alone on one's birthday is sad and depressing. I wonder if this is all my life is. If it weren't for the automatic pop up on facebook, how many people would have thought to send me a message today? How many of those handful of people really care? I have to frost my own cake. There will be no gift. No lunch with a friend or family member. No party. But that is how it is every year. Just another day, nothing special. I got a call this morning from my Mom, and she sang her warped version of "happy birthday". I love my Mom. My kids made me cards. They are fantastic. My husband baked a cake last night. It's still sitting in its pans on the counter.  All of the chores still need to be done.  I have a den meeting to take my 7 year old to this evening. Kids are at school, husband is at work. Once again, I feel insignificant. I think I hate my birthday.

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