Thursday, February 28, 2013

National debt

A copy of an email I just sent Texas Representative, Jeb Hensarling;

Regarding the Sequester and national budget, I have two comments/questions. First, Rudy Giuliani mentioned last night that what the Sequester is supposed to do is cut additional spending, but what the President is saying is that it will cut into current spending like education and military. How is that right? Second, instead of cutting into things like education, military, medicare, etc. why don't we cut foreign aid? Why do we continue to give so much to other countries, especially ones that have respect for us, and yet continue to take away from our own nation? Why is it more and more taboo to be openly patriotic? Why must we have gay pride and Mexican pride and Muslim pride but no American pride? How much and for how long are we going to allow China to own us? Is there any hope for our country? Ok, I realize that was way more than two.

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