Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The black hole that is the Twilight Saga

A couple of years ago a few friends talked me into going to see the latest Twilight movie at that time. It was the second or third in the series. Since it was the midnight premiere, they insisted that I sit and watch the first one on the computer while we waited in line. So the first one was ok. The second one was a like Chinese water torture. The first half of the movie was basically Bella (the lead character, who by the way is a teenage girl in love with both a vampire and a werewolf) being depressed. Mind you, this isn't a short movie, so I found myself wanting to slit my own wrists watching her mope about. I must have seen the third movie at some point after, and swore I wasn't going to see the fourth movie. Then last week I saw the first previews for the movie and found myself strangely drawn to it like a moth to a flame. It isn't out yet, and so to get my Twilight fix, I went and bought the book. It was Sunday and the library was closed, so that wasn't an option. Now I am sucked into this black hole and can't get out. The thing is, I am way past page 200 and so far the book has only covered a handful of days. This is driving me crazy! I keep reading, waiting for some advancement into the story, but so far it is dragging on moment by moment, thought by thought of the two lead characters. Oh, will it ever end? I will update soon with that answer.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Could books be going the way of the 8-Track? With the ongoing closeout of Borders Books Stores nation-wide, and the increasing push of Nook and Kindles, this consumer wonders if books are about to become obsolete. Already some colleges and a few high schools are requiring students to carry a Nook or Kindle in place of their regular load of books. All books are instead loaded onto the device, making their physical load much lighter.
However, I love books. I love going to book stores. I LOVE sitting at Barnes and Noble, sipping a delicious coffee drink and previewing a book I am considering buying. I love books. I like to have a large collection of books. I have cook books, classic literature, kids books (lots of kids books), cook books, etc. I have a few books by a favorite author that have been autographed. Some books that are very special to me.
So I will continue to buy books. Continue to borrow books from the library. Hopefully, there will always be books, and bookstores. I hope you feel this way too.

Friday, July 8, 2011

"Van Impe ministry abandons TBN in clash over Islam"

The following is a reprint of an article written *By Bob Unruh
© 2011 WND
It has appeared on several sites, including

A Christian ministry's decision to expose as "false teachers" several celebrity ministers it believes are corrupting biblical teachings has prompted a rift, with Jack Van Impe Ministries dropping plans to work in the future with Trinity Broadcasting Network, where it has broadcast for more than two decades.

"I Will Not Be Silenced! I will not allow anyone to tell me what I can and cannot preach," Van Impe said in a statement when TBN would not allow his program to air.

"When I see heretical teaching leading to apostasy, I will speak out," he said. "The Bible says 'All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:' (II Timothy 3:16). The Apostle Paul also gives instructions in Titus 1:9-11, 13 'Holding fast the faithful word as he hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers. For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers … Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre's sake…Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith.'"

Van Impe said he immediately called his media agents and told them, "I no longer wanted to air my program on Trinity Broadcasting Network; we will take the tremendous amount of money that we were spending there to obtain new stations that will allow us to continue to reach every square mile of America with the truths of the Bible without this network."

The dispute arose over the issue of advocating for "Chrislam" and other efforts that are designed to find "common ground" between Christians and Muslims. TBN declined to air one of Van Impe's programs that contained sharp criticisms of leaders such as Rick Warren of "The Purpose Driven Life" fame and Robert Schuller.

In a statement from Van Impe Ministries today, Executive Director Ken Vancil said his organization rejected an effort by TBN to reinstate the programming and would work to develop alternative broadcast outlets where they were needed.

"We would not be able to minister effectively if we had to look over our shoulder wondering if a program was going to be censored because of mentioning a name," Vancil said. "While there is hurt over this incident, we hold no animosity towards TBN. Dr. Van Impe has often expressed his appreciate to Paul and Jan (Crouch, of TBN) and all that they have accomplished."

But he confirmed that Paul Crouch Sr. "cautioned" him as recently as Monday "regarding Dr. Van Impe's naming of names and publicly rebuking ministers and their teachings."

The dispute erupted just last week, when Van Impe's ministry planned to air sharp criticism of Christians who say they want to "reach out" by incorporating beliefs or practices of Islam into their Christian organizations.

The program specifically mentioned Warren and Schuller, prompting TBN to prevent the broadcast.

"We received a call from Matt Crouch of TBN informing us that they would not run that program. … The reason he gave was that we specifically mentioned Rick Warren and Robert Schuller and that it is TBN's policy that broadcasters are not allowed to rebuke other ministries," Van Impe said.

"This is a rather hypocritical statement in light of the fact that they have never said anything in the past when we have rebuked others such as Bishop Spong, Bishop Pike, and in the past few months Harold Camping and Rob Bell," he continued. "They also stated that they would not run any future program where we offered our DVD Reclaiming & Restoring Biblical Christianity as a premium for a donation to our ministry. A DVD that exposes false teachers and the heresies that they proclaim."

TBN did not respond to WND's request for comment on the dispute.

Vancil said after TBN's decision not to air the program that there was no future between the two groups.

"This was not an easy decision; we have had a relationship with TBN for 23 years. … But at this point we feel it is time to part ways," he said. "We have been able to over the years develop an independent network of broadcast stations all across America as well as broadcasting on TBN and Daystar. Our media agents have worked diligently and determined that we need to add 14 stations to be able to continue fully covering every mile of America.

"Praise God I am pleased to announce that negotiations have progressed in these 14 markets and that contracts will be presented to the Van Impes for approval in a matter of days," he said.

In the program that was cut, which remains available on the Jack Van Impe Ministries website, the ministry launches its campaign regarding "apostate ministers."

Van Impe explains that the Bible prophesies a one-world government and a one-world religion during the end times, and his concern focuses on the move among some Christian organizations to adopt some Islamic thought and incorporate elements of Islam into their worship.

"We've got too many of these mush-mouth preachers. All they're doing is two stories and a movie review," he said. But the Bible actually outlines that its messages also are to "reprove and rebuke" Christians for failing to live for God.

According to the broadcast, "Chrislam is a term that may be used more often among apostate churches."

Such Islamic and evangelical Christian leaders, the report explained, are working to find a way to promote "common beliefs the two religions supposedly share."

Specifically cited were Warren and Schuller.

During a subsequent broadcast, also available on the ministry's website, the advance of "Chrislam" thoughts and practices into Christian churches was described as a "tsunami of compromise."

"This compromise is going to permeate Christianity," Van Impe said. "I'm calling for the old-time religion to be restored.

"God called me to preach. And I will not stand down for any man, for any church, for any Christian organization," he said.

The report noted that there are some Christian missionaries overseas who have "eliminated 91 verses in God's Holy Word because they wanted to please Islam and the Muslims."

Those references identify Jesus as the Son of God.

Other developments include moves by some Christian churches to remove clear Christian emblems such as crosses.

He said what churches need today is that "old time religion" and less "self-esteem psycho-babble."

Criticized on the program were recommendations attributed to Warren that churches change music to a contemporary rock style, eliminate hymnbooks and the choir, eliminate the Sunday evening or Wednesday prayer services, remove the word "church" and refer to it as a "campus," and reduce the use of the words "unsaved," "lost," "hell" and "heaven."

Other ministries have voiced criticism similar to Van Impe's.

Joe Schimmel, senior pastor of Blessed Hope Chapel in Southern California and chief of the Good Fight Ministries, openly has questioned whether church leaders are affirming Allah.

Schimmel, who is best known for "They Sold Their Souls for Rock n Roll," which exposes satanic influences behind much of yesterday and today's popular music and how it negatively influences youth, suggested in a WND column, "Could it be that we are witnessing the formation of the prophesied one-world religion under the Antichrist? (Revelation 13:1-18) "

He cited Brian McLaren of the emerging church movement, who planned for an Islamic Ramadan celebration. And he mentioned Warren's agreement to address the Islamic Society of North America, which "the Department of Justice categorized two years ago as a co-conspirator in financing a foreign terrorist group!"

Another church leader, Tony Campolo, "a proponent of the so-called 'evangelical left' claimed that 'even if' Muslims 'don't convert, they are God's people,'" Schimmel wrote.

"Even more chilling is the fact that over 300 prominent Christian leaders signed a letter issued by the Yale Center for Faith and Culture claiming that world peace is dependent on Muslims and Christians recognizing 'Allah' and 'Yahweh' as the same God. This letter, titled 'Loving God and Neighbor Together,' was written in response to a signed document by 138 Muslim leaders titled 'A Common Word Between Us and You.' McLaren, Warren, Robert Schuller and Bill Hybels were just several of the signatories to this outright betrayal of Christ!" he said.

TBN previously had a conflict over its intolerance for criticism of Islam. It was in 2006 when Hal Lindsey, WND columnist and one of the world's most popular non-fiction authors, clashed with the network because TBN wanted him to soften his views on Muslims. Lindsey refused.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

16 Lighthouse Road (Cedar Cove, #1)16 Lighthouse Road by Debbie Macomber
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed following along with the different characters.  This is my first Cedar Cove book, and was kind of surprised that everyone didn't have perfect happy endings.  Makes me wonder if their stories will continue in other books.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My weight-loss journey: day 1

Everette and I signed up for Six Week Body Makeover and the kit came in the mail about a week ago.  I have slowly been going through the material, mapping out my own plan and trying to grasp an understanding of what this entails.  I have been slowly easing myself into this change in diet, and today has been very hard.  I woke with a sinus headache and a strong urge to eat cereal and pancakes.  Instead I have to have a protein, carb (not bread) and fruit for breakfast.  The plan wants me to have meat 5 times a day.  No.  There has got to be another way to get the protein without all that meat.  I don't even like meat all that much.  What sounded like a great thing is rapidly becoming this huge list of don'ts.  No dairy, nuts, breads, sugar, oils, soy, etc.  I hope I don't cave by night's end.  Right now I am hungry and in no mood to eat meat or egg whites.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

I support Israel

Despite what President Obama has decided/declared, I support a free Israel.

Friday, May 20, 2011

"It's My Body"

Recently I took Elisha to pick out a new potty to encourage his potty training.  He picked one with a nice cushy seat.  Soon enough he was using his new potty like a pro, so long as he wasn't wearing a diaper or anything.  This morning however, he kept asking me to put a diaper back on him and I kept putting him off.  "You're doing such a good job and I enjoy giving you stickers for using your potty.  If I put a diaper on you now, you won't use the potty at all"  I said to him.  "It's my body" he says.  What!!!?  My son is not even three years old and he has this concept?  So now he has a diaper on because I had no reasonable comeback for that.  Boy am I in trouble.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

What color is your Aura?

What color is your Aura?

Violets are the inspirational visionaries, leaders and teachers who are here to help save the planet. Most Violets feel drawn to educate the masses, to inspire higher ideals, to improve the quality of life on the planet, or to help save people, animals and the environment. As children, many Violets imagined becoming famous, or traveling the planet, possibly joining humanitarian causes such the Peace Corp. Violets know they are here to do something significant. However, they aren't always sure what it is.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Government budget crisis

As the hours tick by and still no national budget agreement, many issues have me in a tissy.  I am going to let you all know my opinion of it.
1.  Suspending military pay:  That is the biggest mistake.  Our service members give up so much and ask for little in return.  They know when they sign up that their lives might be put in harms way or that they might have to take a life.  They can't just go get a temp job while their paychecks are being withheld.  Bills still need to be payed, including rent.  Groceries still need to be purchased.  How are they supposed to do that without a paycheck?
2.  The Republican GOP passed a bill that would keep the government open another week, giving more time to work out further budget details.  Also it would fund the military for the year, ensuring their much needed paychecks.  It would redirect funds for Planned Parenthood to public health.  Democrats say that the Republicans are trying to take away from women's health care.  Isn't the idea to stop government payed abortions though?  Planned Parenthood doesn't provide women with health care.  It provides abortions and birth control.  I am all for birth control, but not for the slaughter of an baby not yet born.  Why is a baby with a brain and a heart and an awareness of their surroundings not considered a human being until they are born?  And why does Planned Parenthood still tell women that their unborn baby won't feel a thing as their limbs are torn from their body, as their head is ripped off?  President Obama vowed to veto this bill.
3.  While so many hard working Americans in government are put on furlough or just not payed, the president and Senate will still get payed their 6 digit salaries.  What about leading from the front?  What about the idea of not putting upon your people what you yourself are not willing to do?  If a leadership is prepared to stop citizens and military from receiving a paycheck and expect them to just deal with it, shouldn't the leadership be willing to turn down their own pay?
4.  Why, after screwing things up last year in the Gulf is BP getting payed to drill again?  In Brazil?  How does this make sense?  Why is the government paying for such a thing?
5.  Aside from budget issues, what is the deal with our President bowing to the Emperor of Japan, China's communist President, and the Prince of Saudi?  The President of the United States of America should bow to NO ONE.  Is he trying to just hand over OUR Nation to the world?  Should we just sit by and let it happen?
6.  Finally, Obamacare.  Pass a law saying that I must have medical insurance and then don't provide insurance to me that I can afford?  How does that work out?  Am I just supposed to pull the money out of my ass to pay for this mandatory insurance?  Someone please help me figure this out, because I must be missing something.

I pray for this Nation, that it may stand tall and proud and bow down to no one but GOD.  I pray for our leaders, that they will seek and find God's wisdom.  I pray that the many will not perish and suffer for the ways of the few.  I pray for our Military, that they stand strong and are taken care of by the Country they serve.  PRESIDENT OBAMA, I PRAY FOR YOU.  Never forget who YOU work for.  You work for US.   You work for AMERICA!  The same goes for Senate.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

US Flag disgraced?

I do not watch the news.  I do not normally read the news.  Today I read an email my father forwarded to me that caused me to search out news articles regarding the treatment of our National Flag.  In 2006 in Texas, a Mexican flag was raised up a flag pole on a school campus.  That in itself is near treason.  When a student, offended by the sight, removed the flag, he was suspended.  Suspended for doing the right thing, and honoring our flag and more importantly, our Nation.
On May 5, 2010 in California, a handful of students were sent home for wearing t-shirts and bandanas bearing the American Flag on them, because it "offended" the Hispanic students.  Since when do Americans HAVE to observe a day that has nothing to do with them?  Since when did it become offensive to show pride and respect to our own Nation?  When did we start giving other nations higher regard then our own?  Why do we bend over backwards for so many while allowing them to walk all over those who love America?  To be an American was once a great thing.  To be Proud, Strong, Free.  Now we seem to be allowed nothing more than weak, ignored and bonded to the will of those who have no love for this Nation.
So do not expect me to step aside as you raise your former country's flag.  Do not tell me I need to be more tolerant.  It is Mexico, Muslim, etc. that should be more tolerant me and those like me.  For I have seen none from you.  Stop leeching from our country.  If you love your country so much, then go back.  Let us be AMERICANS!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

valentine's cards

I made Valentine's day cards for both Ian and Tristan's classes.  For Ian's I used a template from a CTMH Originals book.  I made blue cards for boys and red/pink ones for girls and added a ribbon to them.  As soon as I can find the pictures I will post them.  For Tristan's I used a template from, a butterfly card that can hold either a pencil or candy stick.  I went with the pencil, and a variety of colored papers.  I have posted the pictures of this below.
 A pipe cleaner acts as the antennae.
With a multicolor ink pad I stamped Happy Valentine Day on the back of the butterflies.