Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Last night was our Pack meeting and an after-action report/meeting for the Troop.  I think both went really well.  I was able to get my laptop to cooperate for a slide show at the pack meeting, giving the families the opportunity to see our camp out we just had.  It was well organized, we had great discussions on fundraising possibilities and talked about upcoming events.  It was really great to get the parents involved in the decision making.
After both meetings were over, the Cubmaster sat down with the Scoutmaster/Committee Chair and myself to go over a few things.  That was a good meeting too.  We were able to discuss some things that really needed to be addressed (mostly scheduling issues).  Finally, Cubmaster brings up a proposal that I had heard from him previously and tried to brush off.  He wants to step down as Cubmaster and have me take his place.  Scoutmaster agreed.  I don't know if I am ready for this.  I told them that I am a behind the scenes person.  I don't lead.  In the end, I said I would have to talk to my husband and God about this and see what they say.  This could take a while.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election aftermath

    Well, time to pack my bags and move to Australia.  I prayed.  I voted.  But apparently bullying, intimidation, denying the military vote, threats of riots and violence and rigging the voting machines to select Obama regardless of who you vote for is the American way.  I hope you are all happy that your arrogant, pampas, disrespectful "black man" who 'gives you stuff' won.  Enjoy the financial penalties for not being able to afford medical coverage.  I'll be sure to write you from prison when I can't pay the fines.  Enjoy our nation being sold off to China because our government can't manage to come up with a functioning budget.  Enjoy your grandparents being denied health care because they're considered too old to matter. Enjoy the continued reports of military being denied backup in hot spots.  Or small businesses being told that they didn't build that.  
    You democrats, who are no better than a playground bully.  You who see nothing wrong with killing a brand new baby because mommy doesn't want to be a mommy and doesn't want anyone else to have that baby.  It's murder!!!!  You are killing a human being because you can't keep your legs together.  If you are OK with aborting babies, because you just aren't ready to be a parent, then why do you have a problem with parents who kill their children?  It's the same thing.  They've just been alive longer.  You get appalled at a teenager giving birth in a toilet and returning to prom, but it's OK to do it at an abortion clinic.  I'm sorry, I don't see the logic here.
    You people who voted for a man based on his skin color and then cry foul if a white person  says or does something that you think is racist.  You have just proven that racism will never end in this country because you don't want it to.  How long before your daughters are killed under sharia law?  How long before we convert our useless American dollar to yuan, because China owns us?  You think I am full of it?  You think I am way off base?  Do some research. This is what you voted for.   Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

    (Disclaimer:  It is late and I am tired.  Anything I say here is most likely tainted by fatigue and thus cannot be taken offensively)
    Please excuse me as I go on a rant here.  
I would love to find a "home" church here in Texas.  One where you don't have to be a big financial backer, don't have to be part of one of the main families that dominate the church, one where I can send my kids to children's church while I get spiritually fed with other adults.  A church that when I am absent, someone actually notices.  I want the "church next door".  Do you hear me?  This is good stuff.  (Note: tone of sarcasm there)  I also am not ready to deal with a church that has constant "issues".  

    Yes, I am from California.  Get over it.  No, I don't already know where everything is here, or how things are done.  I tire of people assuming that I should already know, or they assume that I must be a snob since I am from California. (ok, so maybe I am a bit of a snob)  I also find it rude that so many people think that nothing good exists in California.  Yes, I miss my home state.  I am here now and trying to make the best of life.  I sure as heck didn't "get here as fast as I could".  Texas isn't perfect either.  

    I admit I find it slightly distressing that before my sons start dating (which we have a few more years to go before they hit that stage) we have to find out if they are related to the girl first.  Yes, the town is that small.