Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Last night was our Pack meeting and an after-action report/meeting for the Troop.  I think both went really well.  I was able to get my laptop to cooperate for a slide show at the pack meeting, giving the families the opportunity to see our camp out we just had.  It was well organized, we had great discussions on fundraising possibilities and talked about upcoming events.  It was really great to get the parents involved in the decision making.
After both meetings were over, the Cubmaster sat down with the Scoutmaster/Committee Chair and myself to go over a few things.  That was a good meeting too.  We were able to discuss some things that really needed to be addressed (mostly scheduling issues).  Finally, Cubmaster brings up a proposal that I had heard from him previously and tried to brush off.  He wants to step down as Cubmaster and have me take his place.  Scoutmaster agreed.  I don't know if I am ready for this.  I told them that I am a behind the scenes person.  I don't lead.  In the end, I said I would have to talk to my husband and God about this and see what they say.  This could take a while.

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