Sunday, November 4, 2012

    (Disclaimer:  It is late and I am tired.  Anything I say here is most likely tainted by fatigue and thus cannot be taken offensively)
    Please excuse me as I go on a rant here.  
I would love to find a "home" church here in Texas.  One where you don't have to be a big financial backer, don't have to be part of one of the main families that dominate the church, one where I can send my kids to children's church while I get spiritually fed with other adults.  A church that when I am absent, someone actually notices.  I want the "church next door".  Do you hear me?  This is good stuff.  (Note: tone of sarcasm there)  I also am not ready to deal with a church that has constant "issues".  

    Yes, I am from California.  Get over it.  No, I don't already know where everything is here, or how things are done.  I tire of people assuming that I should already know, or they assume that I must be a snob since I am from California. (ok, so maybe I am a bit of a snob)  I also find it rude that so many people think that nothing good exists in California.  Yes, I miss my home state.  I am here now and trying to make the best of life.  I sure as heck didn't "get here as fast as I could".  Texas isn't perfect either.  

    I admit I find it slightly distressing that before my sons start dating (which we have a few more years to go before they hit that stage) we have to find out if they are related to the girl first.  Yes, the town is that small.  

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