Friday, May 20, 2011

"It's My Body"

Recently I took Elisha to pick out a new potty to encourage his potty training.  He picked one with a nice cushy seat.  Soon enough he was using his new potty like a pro, so long as he wasn't wearing a diaper or anything.  This morning however, he kept asking me to put a diaper back on him and I kept putting him off.  "You're doing such a good job and I enjoy giving you stickers for using your potty.  If I put a diaper on you now, you won't use the potty at all"  I said to him.  "It's my body" he says.  What!!!?  My son is not even three years old and he has this concept?  So now he has a diaper on because I had no reasonable comeback for that.  Boy am I in trouble.

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