Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Could books be going the way of the 8-Track? With the ongoing closeout of Borders Books Stores nation-wide, and the increasing push of Nook and Kindles, this consumer wonders if books are about to become obsolete. Already some colleges and a few high schools are requiring students to carry a Nook or Kindle in place of their regular load of books. All books are instead loaded onto the device, making their physical load much lighter.
However, I love books. I love going to book stores. I LOVE sitting at Barnes and Noble, sipping a delicious coffee drink and previewing a book I am considering buying. I love books. I like to have a large collection of books. I have cook books, classic literature, kids books (lots of kids books), cook books, etc. I have a few books by a favorite author that have been autographed. Some books that are very special to me.
So I will continue to buy books. Continue to borrow books from the library. Hopefully, there will always be books, and bookstores. I hope you feel this way too.

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