Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My weight-loss journey: day 1

Everette and I signed up for Six Week Body Makeover and the kit came in the mail about a week ago.  I have slowly been going through the material, mapping out my own plan and trying to grasp an understanding of what this entails.  I have been slowly easing myself into this change in diet, and today has been very hard.  I woke with a sinus headache and a strong urge to eat cereal and pancakes.  Instead I have to have a protein, carb (not bread) and fruit for breakfast.  The plan wants me to have meat 5 times a day.  No.  There has got to be another way to get the protein without all that meat.  I don't even like meat all that much.  What sounded like a great thing is rapidly becoming this huge list of don'ts.  No dairy, nuts, breads, sugar, oils, soy, etc.  I hope I don't cave by night's end.  Right now I am hungry and in no mood to eat meat or egg whites.

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Navy Wife 4 Life said...

Ok, so I have lost 3-5 pounds since I began and I will admit I could not bring myself to keep with the intense diet regimen. I have since stagnated in my weight loss, but hope to continue, regardless.