Friday, March 8, 2013

Dead dryers and calendar mistakes

Two days ago I went to use my dryer, which was working fine the night before, only to find that it would not start.  Tried everything I could think of, and no dice.  It just would not start.  So I went online to and found that most of the dryers listed were 2 hours away in Shreveport, LA.  Fine. I found one that looked promising and the guy would even deliver, so I went ahead with it.  After many text messages back and forth, he showed up yesterday afternoon with a functioning dryer and took my dead one with him. Not a bad price either at $245.  Now I can get caught up on laundry, yay.  
Now regarding Scouting; Today as I was asking one of my den leaders if their den was going to make it to the upcoming Pack meeting, which I said was scheduled to take place during spring break.  Why during spring break, they asked?  "I don't know" I said.  Then I got the idea to quadruple check my calendar, only to find out that there is no pack meeting scheduled during spring break.  It is scheduled for the week after.  Wow, I have been contacting people and telling everyone that it was next week, when in fact it is the following week. I totally screwed that one up.  I think I need to big desk calendar.    Does that tell you how scatter brained I can be?  I hope my Pack can forgive me my error.
On other fronts, I sent my oldest boy on his first out of state weekend hike with his Troop.  Let's hope the weather holds for them. Maybe we can get this bad weather curse to lift.  Also, I recently got myself a metal detector, as I have always wanted one.  Today I was in my yard exploring and found a 1930s WM Rogers Mfg Co child's silver plated Mickey Mouse spoon. It has some damage from exposure to it, but it is still a cool find.  In good condition they seem to go for anywhere from $16-40. Also found a penny, LOL.

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