Sunday, May 5, 2013

It seems more and more that it is a crime to be a Christian. But we are supposed to bend over backwards for Muslims, lest we offend them. I don't see our government intervening when a Christian is offended, but they are sure quick to act if a Muslim is. More talk about sharia law being allowed. With one president we are losing our right to be Christian, our right to own guns, our right to say anything that does not support Islam. At this rate, in a few years we might be executed for not being Muslim, women and children might be legally murdered by their husbands and fathers for any sort of upset. Is this really how We the People of the United States want our nation to go?
How has it become legal to abort babies even in the third trimester, when they would have lived if born. Why is it a 15 year old girl can have access to the morning after pill without consent or knowledge from her parents? Why aren't teens being taught abstinence? What happened to learning morals? Our military is no longer allowed to be openly Christian, but they can be openly gay. Do the same rules apply to Muslims in the military or just Christians and Jews? I was appalled when I read the article where one person stated that a Christian sharing his/her faith is like spiritual rape. Excuse me? How can a conversation you can walk away from anywhere near the same as rape? That comparison is an insult to rape victims, in my opinion, and an insult to Christians. 
Should I now go and sue the military, schools and any company or organization that has put a sensor on Christians for infringing MY rights? This is my country too, and I am NOT giving up my rights!

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