Monday, October 28, 2013

No way to look but up

This month Everette has not worked quite as much, resulting in smaller and smaller pay checks.  The van will not start. We think it is either the battery, which is little more than two years old, or the starter. Either way, it's money we do not currently have to fix it.  Elisha is in need of a coat. A friend suggested I inquire at the local Senior Center, because they were giving out coats. I did go over there this morning and was told that yes they have coats, but they were all bagged up and she couldn't help me. Seriously? A child is without a coat this winter and you can't manage going through a bag to see if there is one that you can give him? WTF? It sickens me to know that a place supposed to be donating coats has the coats but can't manage to take one out of a bag. I wish I wasn't having to lower myself to such means. I want to be able to meet my children's needs without asking for help.  You know, Christmas is coming and I am not sure if I will be able to do anything for my kids or anyone else. At this point I am feeling that there is nearly no place to look but up. Praying that God will meet our needs once again. Also, I am applying for a job at Brookshire's.
Ok, let's add room mom to my 3rd grader's class and I haven't gotten anything done for their halloween party.

Later that day....
My Dad came and took care of the battery on the van, so it runs again! Woohoo!!!  My neice is bringing over an insulated coat for Elisha. Everette got a 4 room installation job today, which is well over a $100 job. I got the list of people to help for the classroom party and have pretty much all the food and beverages for Tristan's class party covered. In a matter of hours, everything has fallen into place.  Thank you God for being so awesome!!!

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Gary Ellard said...

Never doubt the Power of our Lord; he does thinks sometimes that will make you wonder, or put you thru the test, but He will ALWAYS show you a way out.