Thursday, January 31, 2013

Keep BSA faith-based

This week in the news there is much talk about the BSA's decision to revisit their own stance regarding a ban on homosexuals within the organization. For the sake of funding and wanting to fit in, the Boy Scouts of America is considering lifting this ban. I am going to come right and say it.  I am against this decision. I believe the ban should remain intact. I do not think that we should have to increase the exposure our sons experience of homosexuality in their every day life.  It isn't scriptural, which BSA is faith-based. It isn't natural. It isn't right. You know, our children get this pushed on them all the time. We joined BSA because of its moral grounding.
How dare others who don't believe as we do, come in and try to force us to change our belief system. If you want to be included in scouting, then accept our choice or go start your own organization.  Do not try to change what scouting has been about for 100 years! It is not archaic. We are trying to teach our sons what is right. Not confuse them. BSA, PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THE POLICY!!!  
I have every right to NOT accept homosexuality.  And I am not a bad person for that choice.  If BSA is made to change this policy, then you may as well strip every core value as well. For me, it's all or nothing. I am standing up for what I believe here. 

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