Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Knitting is like...

Knitting is like a dear friend that even when you haven't seen each other in a while, when you meet again, you pick up where you left off, and nothing seems to have changed.  A really good book.  You know how it will end, (because you snuck a look at that last page) but you still enjoy the story.  Knitting is like a relationship.  You work on it and work on it, and it never seems to end.  Until one day it does, and even though you should have, you never saw it coming.  Just WHAM!  The end.  Knitting is like raising a child.  You start out with this tiny little thing, and you work on it every day.  Lovingly helping it to grow.  Each stitch is done with such care.  You make a mistake here and there, but you pick up that dropped stitch along the way, and hope that the finished result is something beautiful despite its inherent flaws.  You see them, but you love them anyway.  Sort of like a signature.  Then one day you get to the end of the pattern and you have to give it away, because it was never meant to be yours anyway; and you want to hold on just a little longer.  Maybe you even drug out the work a little longer than necessary just to spend a little more time with it.  But eventually you do, let it go; and you hope that whomever receives it, loves it as much as you loved making it.  There's a reason why knitters/crocheters are so passionate about their work.  What's your passion?

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