Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Elisha adventures

Elisha, 20 months old, sits at the dining table with a pile of gold fish crackers in front of him.  He could eat the crackers, but instead he puts them, one by one, down his onesie.  Once all fish are inside, he pats his tummy, effectively crushing each little gold fish cracker.  Now, he has a pile of crumbs inside his onesie.  Perhaps he plans to save them for later.  Is he part squirrel?  Now he sits in front of me on the table, examining the treasure he hides, and then leans forward to rest his head upon mine.  Elisha starts to nurse and his crumbs are slipping through his pants and onto my lap. 
Earlier he took one of my shirts from the laundry pile and put it on.  Everything he does, he does with an intense purpose.  I wish I could get inside that little mind to understand that purpose.  Elisha is a fascinating little boy.

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