Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tonight I have decided to make a list of some great things about California.  So here I go.

1.  Beaches, beaches, beaches:  Let's face it, this state is not land locked.  And it doesn't take more than a few hours from any point in the state to reach a beach.
2.  Beautiful weather, though we tend to skip one or two seasons occasionally.
3.  Wine Country
4.  Avocados: California is well known for its Avocado orchards.
5.  Oranges:  You have two options, California or Florida.  Have you seen the size of a California orange?  Their huge!
6.  Garlic!!! Gilroy has a garlic fest.
7.  Sequoias.  Have you seen those trees?  Their huge!  And people say everything is big in Texas.  Ha.
8.  Natural lakes, as opposed to a thousand man made ones.
9.  Aerospace industry:  Have you ever seen the SR-71 or F-117 fly by?  I have.
10. Growing up, we got to watch the Space Shuttle land several times (when weather was bad in Florida)
11. California has every type of landscape: Mountains, valley, beach, forest, desert, etc.
12. Diversity
13. Disneyland!!!
14. California is home to Saddle Back Community Church (Rick Warren's church, author of "The Purpose Driven Life") and New Song Community Church (Hal Seed's church) which made the movie "To Save a Life".
15. Ski Mountain High: during the winter you can take in some awesome skiing.
16. California is heading up several eco-friendly projects, like solar energy, wind energy, etc.  They have strict emissions laws, wildlife reservations (even on a military base).
17. California has very strict building codes.  Something you don't see in certain other states where houses are unsafe to live in, yet people still do.  Also, they know how to pave a street.
18. California has a wide variety of opportunities and colleges.
19. Knott's Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mt., San Dimas water park, San Diego's Sea World, Legoland.
20. Californians are supportive of their military.  And they don't protest military funerals!

This is what I have so far.  As I think of more, the list will grow.  If you think of more, feel free to add them in a comment.  Please no hating here.  If you don't like it, say it in your own blog.  God Bless.

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